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it's been so fucking long since I've uploaded anything on here that I spent so much time forcing myself to remember to choose the category, gallery destination, links and polite requests for equally polite criticism in the comments that I forgot to fucking title the damn thing.

I also realise on retrospect that I never gave Charlotte Madison, Britain's first female Apache helicopter pilot and author of Dressed to Kill, a book that is as well-titled as it is well-written, the proper credit for providing the inspiration for that final segment of the chapter.

and by inspiration I mean if it wasn't for her I'd probably have absolutely no fucking idea what I was doing because I've never been deployed with an incident response team before. I can't even lie I just straight-up lifted some shit from her account because I tend to look upon military nonfiction just as a frame of reference even if it's laid out in the format of a story.

say what you like about books, but the early works of Chris Ryan and Andy McNab have, between them, given me more useful trivia about the SAS than all the websites on the internet that I've ever visited.

but I digress. I've been gone a goddamn fucking long time and believe it or not I actually quite missed some of you (if not the site itself. my deviantwatch is still filled with crap that you have to sift through to find the occasional gem, be that a user or an individual piece of art)

a lot's happened since I've last been here. I've been to the States twice to see my girlfriend, DennouParanoia, got a job, seen the Guardians of the Galaxy movie (which was even more hype than I'd dared hope for), finished several video games, moved house, been to the London Comic-Con (and cosplayed!!), had a birthday

oh also DennouParanoia (who is an incredibly talented artist, and I am in no way biased) is open for requests right now so if you fancy having something drawn then drop her a line

that's about all I have to say for now. have an excellent day/night/weekend/week, depending on what applies whilst you're reading this!
  • Listening to: Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1
  • Reading: Dressed to Kill by Charlotte Madison
  • Watching: Game Grumps
  • Playing: Marvel: Avengers Alliance
  • Eating: ham and cheese baguette
  • Drinking: Coke
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