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Bullet Points: Chapter 7
Jackal planted his boot on the corpse's shoulder and gave it a hard shove with his heel.
"Definitely not a native. Probably Chechen."
"We found two of his mates in the kitchen," explained the Marine who'd led them to the house. "Well, one and a half. Same deal as this guy. Caucasian. Red hair and beards."
Dice wasn't interested in the colour of the man's skin or hair. Her gaze was magnetised to the chest rig he was wearing. It wasn't the kind of cheap Russian one you saw most insurgents swanning about in, but a modular tactical rig like Jackal's, with a Kevlar bib to carry a small arms protective insert (SAPI) plate and a Pouch Attachment Ladder System, a network of heavy-duty nylon strips that allowed the wearer to customise the layout of their pouches. Slotted into the front and side pouches were magazines of 5.56 NATO ammunition, which was uncommon but not unusual; gun collectors had been modifying AK's to accept M4 and M16 magazines for years, but the dead insurgent hadn't been arm
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Bullet Points: Chapter 6
"Fan out. Three-metre spread. You catch any of these bastards twitching, put one in their fucking head."
From anyone else that might have sounded like macho bullshit, but the way Jackal delivered the order was anything but. His voice was as cold and sharp as a knife in an ice bucket, and completely devoid of emotion. It didn't sound vicious or derisive - it was almost businesslike, which was actually kind of unnerving.
Everything about Jackal seemed to be an anachronism, from his presence here to the way he acted. When she'd first met him he'd seemed stiff, almost robotic, but the way he'd calmly instructed on her on how to snipe with the Barrett and talked the AC-130 crew on to the targets in the village were at odds how he'd seemed genuinely concerned about Eddie and Lewis after they'd been wounded, and the way he'd called in a favour of such magnitude to get that IRT for them.
Considering this, Dice glanced back over her shoulder at the MTP-clad Commandos and was uncomfortably remin
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Bullet Points: Chapter 5
"Bloody hell."
Hearing Jackal's disembodied voice from below the edge of the rock face, Dice glanced up from her belt rig, which she'd been securing a rappelling line to. He sounded incredulous, the word bloody stretching out to a full three seconds.
"You all right, mate?"
"Yeah. Come and have a look at this."
"Give us a minute."
Dice tugged the line secure, steeled herself, and stepped backwards onto nothing. It was a weird sensation, and as she dropped she felt her stomach lurch as the line went taut; her knuckles were white beneath her gloves, palms sweaty. It wasn't that she was afraid of heights, or even afraid that she might fall - she just hated the momentary feeling of having nothing beneath her feet. She'd done well in the Royal Marines, but doubted whether she'd have had the same degree of success in the Paras. Being cold and wet and dirty didn't bother her any more than it did any other Commando, but even the churning, ice-cold waters of the English Channel that she'd
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Bullet Points: Chapter 4
“Looks like they found some more mortars,” Jackal observed.
Dice's lips were shaping the words No shit when she heard another shell whistling towards them. She counted three full seconds before it hit, landing behind them this time, and felt the ground shudder beneath her and a barrage of tiny rocks bouncing off the back of her helmet.
“We need to get the Spectre on those fuckers before they dial in on us,” Dice said, feeling more angry than scared – they'd shot two of her fucking mates, and now they were dropping bombs on her and Jackal. Bastards.
“Tell you what,” Jackal said, “You can do the honours. Here-”
He reached over to her PRR, fiddled with it for a second, then said “Go ahead.”
Dice hesitated, wondering if he was taking the piss for a second until he gestured for her to proceed. Then she cleared her throat, thumbed the “talk” button and said “Fourth Horseman, come in.”
A hi
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Bullet Points: Chapter 3
"Christ, it's turning into a sodding convention down there,"
Jackal's zeroing shots had sent the enemy apoplectic, and from the looks of things they'd also been alerted to the presence of the Royal Marines, who had been told to go firm, or hold their positions, by the company commander.
There certainly were a lot of the fuckers. There were blokes in robes and pyjamas flooding out of houses, from behind rocks and trees, so many and so fast that it seemed they were almost materialising out of the darkness. That old chestnut about moths to a flame wasn't very appropriate in this instance, Dice found herself thinking. It seemed Alpha One Zero had become a magnet, and the insurgents were extremely pissed-off iron filings.
In and around the village, dozens of muzzle flashes were winking on and off like faulty lightbulbs as the insurgents opened up on where they must have roughly guessed the Marines were. They seemed to be relying on the school of thought that the Yanks favoured if I fil
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Bullet Points: Chapter 2
"Alpha One Zero, this is Zero. Be advised, AC-130 is entering your airspace at this time."
So much for professionalism, Dice thought as her features creased into an enormous, shit-eating grin. "Spectre" is about bloody right. Those rag-head wankers are in for the fright of their fucking lives.
She'd done an admirable job of containing her excitement at getting to work with an AC-130 thus far, not wanting to appear unprofessional in front of Jackal, but the prospect of seeing the flying tank in action coupled with the onset of adrenaline all soldiers got before a contact meant that in the end she was just another smiling idiot like the rest of the lads in the company. She couldn't tell whether Jackal was as excited as she was at getting to work with the gunship – the balaclava made it impossible to gauge his expression, and there was an almost robotic deliberation to his movements, his tone about as emotive as a slab of granite.
The Marines advanced slowly. No prize
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Call of Duty: Bullet Points
It was a typical night in Afghanistan – and by Afghanistan's standards, typical meant hotter than two rats fucking inside a wool sock and drier than an Arab's bath-mat.
It was also eerily quiet. The silence was broken only by the faint crunch of booted feet on sun-baked ground as a company of Royal Marine Commandos consisting of three twelve-man teams picked their way cautiously towards their target – which, in this case, was a small village on the outskirts of Helmand Province.
Truthfully, "village" was something of a generous overstatement. It was really little more than a collection of mud huts, surrounded by a low stone wall with occasional patches of shrubbery dotted sparsely about.
A few weeks ago it had housed several dozen small families; then the insurgents had come. They'd rousted the villagers out of their homes in the middle of the night at gunpoint, shooting anyone who resisted - and a couple who didn't, just to make an example of them - kidnapped the eldest boys
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it's been so fucking long since I've uploaded anything on here that I spent so much time forcing myself to remember to choose the category, gallery destination, links and polite requests for equally polite criticism in the comments that I forgot to fucking title the damn thing.

I also realise on retrospect that I never gave Charlotte Madison, Britain's first female Apache helicopter pilot and author of Dressed to Kill, a book that is as well-titled as it is well-written, the proper credit for providing the inspiration for that final segment of the chapter.

and by inspiration I mean if it wasn't for her I'd probably have absolutely no fucking idea what I was doing because I've never been deployed with an incident response team before. I can't even lie I just straight-up lifted some shit from her account because I tend to look upon military nonfiction just as a frame of reference even if it's laid out in the format of a story.

say what you like about books, but the early works of Chris Ryan and Andy McNab have, between them, given me more useful trivia about the SAS than all the websites on the internet that I've ever visited.

but I digress. I've been gone a goddamn fucking long time and believe it or not I actually quite missed some of you (if not the site itself. my deviantwatch is still filled with crap that you have to sift through to find the occasional gem, be that a user or an individual piece of art)

a lot's happened since I've last been here. I've been to the States twice to see my girlfriend, DennouParanoia, got a job, seen the Guardians of the Galaxy movie (which was even more hype than I'd dared hope for), finished several video games, moved house, been to the London Comic-Con (and cosplayed!!), had a birthday

oh also DennouParanoia (who is an incredibly talented artist, and I am in no way biased) is open for requests right now so if you fancy having something drawn then drop her a line

that's about all I have to say for now. have an excellent day/night/weekend/week, depending on what applies whilst you're reading this!
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